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Electrician Frequently Asked Questions


We understand that it is comforting to know how much a job will cost upfront so there are no surprises at the end. Many jobs can have unexpected challenges along the way. We will always ask you before you occur additional costs. Call Duke Electrical Group to get a quote.

Our times do vary depending on our teams availability and your location. We usually can get out to see you the next day but in urgent situations we can usually get there within a few hours. Chat to our team if you need us urgently.

If you’ve felt an electrical shock coming from an outlet when you plug something in, call us immediately. This is a sign that there is something overloaded in the system, or damaged or poor wiring. Either way, it could lead to deadly consequences or serious injury. Electricians should be called to ensure that you are safe in your home, and to prevent your house  catching on fire.

They are not required by law in all cases but it’s a good idea to install something that could potentially save lives. Safety switches can protect you and your family in case of a electrocution or a faulty circuit. Instead of letting the current pass through the appliance or outlet to electrocute someone, the switch will interrupt the circuit and cut the electrical supply.

No. it is illegal for anyone but a qualified electrician to do any  wiring or electrical work. If the work has been done to standard it will not pass certification. This is bad news if you need to sell the property or if you lodge an insurance claim. It is mandatory to hire a qualified electrician to carry out all your home or commercial wiring. You risk personal safety and the safety of your family.

Clever Home Automation allows your family to experience greater comfort and security by designing, programming and integrating electrical equipment. We make it easy for you to create your dream house by helping you select the best home automation system that will benefit you and your family.

Benefits of home automation include convenience, aesthetics, energy savings, and future proofing.

Home automation includes everything from structured wiring to control telephones, video-intercoms, internet, LAN, and video, to multi-room audio and home theatre, automated lighting controls, security, and keyless entry. It can also include automated control of motorised electric blinds, motorised shutters, watering systems, air conditioning and exhaust fans.

Smart Wiring, an industry standard, is a wiring system that, once installed, allows you to have access to multiple telephone, Internet and PAY-TV options as well as audio, lighting, home automation and irrigation features.

DUKE Electrical Group recommends that you have an electrical inspection performed if:

  • You are buying a property which has been occupied
  • The property is older than 25 years
  • If you have not done one in more than 5 years
  • You may be concerned with the installation of any equipment.
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