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Safety Switch Installation Melbourne

Safety Switch Installation Experts Melbourne

Duke Electrical are expert A Grade electricians and deliver the best service possible when you need an electrician. Our team are highly trained and experienced electricians who will look after your home, office or commercial needs. If you are looking to install an electrical safety switch, read on below to learn what one is, what they do and why you really should have one installed to protect your family, team and yourself.

What is the Function of a Safety Switch?

Safety switch are an essential part of modern industrial and commercial businesses. Safety switches are essential for ensuring the safety of clients, employees and operators. They also help identify potential risks of electric shock or other electrical malfunctions within the facility. DUKE Electrical Group has supplied safety switches to many clients over the years. We have found that clients are only vaguely familiar with safety switch. We would like to discuss the function of safety switches through this blog.

A safety switch is often mistaken for a Circuit Breaker. This article will address this briefly. The most important subject that will be covered in detail is the way a safety switch works. It is because of this that it is an excellent option to ensure the safety and security in a business.

Do you need safety switches, disconnects or automatic Transfer Switches for your facility? DUKE Electrical Group is always available. Contact us by email or request a quotation. You can contact our team of experts at any time.

Safety Switch Installation Melbourne
Safety Switch Installation Melbourne

Basic Functions of a Safety Switch

What is the purpose for using a safety switch in an industry? A safety switch is designed to prevent electrical hazards and injury to workers in the industry. Safety switches are located within the breaker panels. They are also used at “PowerPoint Sites” in industrial facilities, where the most important and essential electric equipment can be operated.

How does a safety switch work? It’s a pretty simple switch. The safety switch monitors electrical currents that flow within electrical devices. The switch will cut off electrical power if it detects that current has departed from its intended path. A circuit breakers can identify circuit overload. The safety switch doesn’t do this. It monitors instead the flow or path of the current.

Electricity can be transferred to nearby human bodies when an electrical system is faulty or malfunctioning. It can have very serious consequences. When the safety switch detects the current flow is now flowing into the person instead of the equipment it shuts the system down.

Short story: The electrical current in equipment should follow a predetermined path. The safety switch shuts down power instantly if the current starts to deviate from its defined or established path.

Safety switches are designed to offer protection to people

For any commercial, industrial or business facility, surge diverters and breakers are essential. These devices increase safety and efficiency for a business. The above devices are not sufficient. Why? Breakers and surge diversion are not designed for protection. Safety switches are important! It is therefore vital to use them in order to ensure safety at a manufacturing or business facility.

DUKE Electrical Group offers reliable safety switch solutions

Safety switches are crucial to a company’s safety, functionality, and productivity. DUKE Electrical Group takes safety seriously and strives to provide the best safety switches and solutions for our clients. Contact us to learn more about our power solution and safety switch. We are happy to help you.

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Three Phase Safety Switch
Three Phase Safety Switch