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Automation And Smart Controllers Melbourne

Automation And Smart Controllers Melbourne For Home & Work

Home Automation Services provide comfort, security, and convenience in our homes and work. Smart homes and offices revolve around the integration and automation various household appliances and systems, resulting in an “smart house” that improves everyday living.

Do you want to make your home or work safer? Home automation can be a great way to increase security. DUKE Electrical Group provide expert home automation in Melbourne and all of Victoria

We have the expertise to help you reach your goals, whether it’s temperature control automation, lighting or security. We are certified to install the best in home monitoring and alarm systems.

We also provide installations for outdoor lighting systems.

  • Smart Ring and Nest Systems: We are certified professionals in both Ring and Nest Smart Homes Systems. These systems enable homeowners to monitor and control their homes remotely, providing greater convenience and peace-of-mind.
  • Automatic lighting: Your home’s illumination will be more intelligent and efficient with automatic lighting solutions. You can program lights to turn off or on based on schedules or movement or ambient light levels. This will save you energy and improve your convenience.
  • Heating and cooling automation: This service allows you to maintain the climate of your home with precision. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems are automated can be programmed to automatically adjust to your desired settings. This will provide you with maximum comfort and efficiency.
  • Video Monitoring and Security: Home Automation extends to the security of your home. You can monitor your home from anywhere by integrating security and video monitoring. It will increase your safety and give you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe.
Automation And Smart Controllers Melbourne
Automation And Smart Controllers Melbourne

Hire a Professional for Smart Home Installations

The implementation of a smart-home system is a complex process that requires professional expertise and knowledge. Why you should hire professionals to install your smart home:

Technical Knowledge: Professionals have been trained and certified to handle various home automation systems. They ensure that all smart home devices work correctly.

Seamless integration: Professionals can ensure all of your smart home system work in harmony together to provide a seamless experience.
Safety: Professionals have a thorough understanding of electrical systems and can help you install your smart home safely. This will minimize the risks that come with DIY efforts.

Tailored Solution: Professionals are able to provide customized recommendations based on specific needs. This will ensure that your home automation solution enhances your lifestyle.

Maintenance and Support: By hiring a professional you will also have access to maintenance and support services that ensure your smart home system continues to work optimally for many years.

Smart Lighting Services

Lighting systems that are energy efficient can drain your wallet if they are left on without reason. A smart lighting system will help you to erase any mistakes that you may have made. You can see in real time which lights are on at home and turn them off if they’re not needed, no matter where you are. You can add motion sensors and timers to your smart lighting system to make it even more efficient.

Smart Thermostat Services

The heating and cooling of your home accounts for about half of the total energy consumed. You could be losing money every month if your HVAC system is playing to an empty home. Smart thermostats allow you to fine-tune the climate control system so that it turns off when no one is home and kicks in right before your return. This means more money in your wallet and less strain on the energy resources.

Smart Sprinkler Controllers

A smart sprinkler control could be the perfect solution for you if you have ever shook your head when an irrigation system was watering someone else’s lawn in a downpour. You can save money by deciding how often your sprinklers run and when to leave it up to Mother Nature.

Smart Home Security Services

Smart devices allow you to have unprecedented control and oversight over the security of your home. You can choose from simple devices, such as those that allow you to talk with guests without opening the door, up to fully-featured security systems including remote door locks and cameras. The electrician NYC will install your home security system exactly the way it was designed.

Call us if you need to replace or repair your CCTV/intercom systems. Intercom and surveillance systems are often replaced and repaired in multi-family and commercial buildings.

We all value security. With so many options and advancements in the CCTV world, DUKE Electrical Group specialists can not only install the system for you but will also help you select the right security camera/intercom for your home or business, and for your budget.

Our experts can help you decide if your business needs a sophisticated CCTV system or a simple camera set-up.

Expert Installation and Repair Services for CCTV and Intercom Systems in Melbourne.