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Landscape Lighting Melbourne

Landscape Lighting Installations Melbourne 

Landscape lighting can enhance your home’s value and appearance. It also can help with home security and ensure security cameras can monitor your property with better lighting. You’ll need to consult a professional electrician like DUKE Electrical Group if you want something more than just solar lights. You can have them install landscape lighting safely outside your home. Outdoor lighting can increase the value and appeal of your home. Landscape lighting can also make your home safer.

Why Install Outdoor lighting?

  • Looks great for guests and can light up the garden path or walkway
  • Increases safety for guests and your family
  • Improve the appearance of your home
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Looks great when entertaining guests or holding events

If it’s time to upgrade your dull backyard with outdoor lighting, strategically placed lights can make a huge difference. Landscape lighting can be used to highlight your waterfall or walkway.


Landscape Lighting Melbourne Front Garden
Landscape Lighting Melbourne Front Garden

Tips For Installing Landscape Lighting

  • Avoid using bright lights that light up bedrooms
  • Take your neighbours into consideration when aiming lights
  • Use energy-efficient lighting like LED’s

With professionally-installed landscape lighting, the lights will automatically turn on and off depending on the time. Motion sensors can also be used to turn on the lights when someone crosses. DUKE Electrical Group uses only the best landscape lighting fixtures and high quality lights.

We can design and install a landscape lighting systems to suit your plans or current setup.

Complete Service

From the planning to the flick of a switch, we offer the complete journey. Our service includes a detailed consultation, planning and implementation, ensuring that your garden lighting will be look incredible.

Highest Quality

We are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality garden lighting and automation in Melbourne, Victoria. We source the highest-quality lighting and cabling which ensures durability, energy efficiency and beautiful illumination of your outdoor space.

Future Proofing

We offer a warranty on all works and can upgrade or modify your setup to ensure that your garden lighting is as functional and attractive as the day you installed it. We are committed to ensuring that your outdoor lighting will perform and look beautiful for years to come, protecting your investment.

Liability Insurance

Peace of mind is important. We are fully insured and offer comprehensive liability coverage for your protection as well as that of your home. You can relax and enjoy your garden lighting knowing that you are protected.

5-Year Guarantee

Our 5-year warranty is a solid guarantee of the quality of our workmanship. We guarantee you a lifetime of satisfaction and peace of mind, as your garden lights stand the test of time. You can rely on our commitment to quality for the next 5 years and beyond.


Landscape Lighting Melbourne Backyard
Landscape Lighting Melbourne Backyard

FAQs Landscape Lighting

Q: Can landscape lighting illuminate my front and back yard?

A: Landscape lighting can be used to illuminate your front yard and backyard. Landscape lighting can highlight your yard and be controlled manually or through home automation devices.

Q: What should I know about line voltage lighting?

A: Line voltage lighting is when the power line follows the voltage in the home. This type of lighting does require a converter. This category includes many landscape lighting options that are suitable for household, commercial and security use.

DUKE Electrical Group offers a truly bespoke service for garden lighting installation services, including design and installation, from Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula, Brighton, and surrounding areas.

About DUKE Electrical Group

We are experts in all things electrical in your home including garden lighting, and the team at DUKE have over 17 years of experience in electrical, home automation and home security.

Our technical expertise and creativity will transform your garden into a stunning outdoor area that you can enjoy all year long.

We cover Melbourne and most of Victoria and can light any type of garden – from small roof terraces to huge estates. We can also refurbish existing lighting systems that require extensive repairs.

Contact us today to arrange a site visit by one of our team.

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Landscape Lighting Melbourne Walkway
Landscape Lighting Melbourne Walkway